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How to make teeth as white as pearl

Teeth health is best for your health. Smile is having better teeth, teeth maintain effectively and brushing smoothly. One to four year between students going school, all of towel to fifteen children take cavity problems. Teeth clean smooth cloth with very soft small brush, daily brush floss daily in most one. Brushes changed in two to four month in year, teenager brushes to special brush and hygiene’s oral tooth paste is better in costly.

How to make healthy teeth

Older having problem in teeth, in additional take to dinner after brush your teeth another one take free gum can naturally washes your teeth. Sports students used to mouth guard can also take injured, before soften using hot water than put your mouth. Don’t smoke, don’t used tobacco you having gum disease, don’t take tea, coffee, cool drinks in colorful if you take disease. All ages’ healthy food and diet is essential, having whole food in vegetables, fruits, nuts. Don’t have a hat food don’t used surgery drinks; avoid fruit drinks, soft drinks. Make sure your teeth, tongue, mouth and inside your mouth. Cleaning your teeth between spaces every day, talk to your dentist your teeth related. Mouth wash is used to teeth fresh breath. Mouth rinse flossing your teeth daily thirty second, don’t use hardest is starchy food.  

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